A Huge  Piece of My Heart Will Always Remain in These Alpine Heights…

Due to my family connections with Italy, I find myself spending a lot of time in Northern Italy, especially the city of Turin and the Piemonte region. I absolutely love it here, and just find it to be such a majestic place for so many reasons. 

Located West of Turin, Italy, the Sestriere ski resort was one of the world’s first purpose-built ski areas in the 1930s. When there you can get a ‘Via Lattea’ ski pass which connects you to other resorts in the Italian Alps as well as Mont Genevre in France!

I love going to Sestriere during the Winter Holidays and have been to several of the other surrounding ski villages. Definitely worth visiting, even if you’re not an accomplished skier!

Thanks for watching. I sincerely appreciate you stopping by!

Nomadic Danny